Who we are

Kenyan Traveltours

Safari specialist and tours for East Africa


‘Welcome to the world of adventure’ by Kenyan Traveltours


Kenyan Traveltours is a Tour Company founded by Kenyan and Dutch experiences with specific inclination in the tourism industry. We base across the East Africa region and Europe with office in Mombasa (Kenya).


‘We like to do the small things right’


At Kenyan Traveltours,we believe in a hand-on.personal approach to everything. We do.our recipe, attention to detail, expert knowledge and a flair for the unusual. We have an experienced, dedicated and dynamic team who plan and execute every safari, be it for families or for groups in East Africa.

No compromise is made with your travel arrangements and we ensure the very best driver guides, scheduled airlines and reputable air charter companies. Clients safety and satisfaction is one of the paramount importancy also the accommodation we offer.


‘Our services’

For those who dream of the broad of travel once-in-a-lifetime, silver blue beaches and pristine wildness of Africa

Kenyan Traveltours offers one of the most vivid and varied portfolios in business. We excel in the presentation of tailor- made safari, wilderness, discovery, adventure, action, family tours and romantic retreats alike.


‘Our mission’


Our philosophy is simple: to ensure that Kenyan Traveltours beckon our clients again and again also that our relationships are as warm, friendly and enduring as we can possibly make them.

‘Yes we can…..Karibu (welcome)’



Jamar (Ananas) Smid, Director.