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Our school project: Farsa Pronkjewail School, Shanzu


Project overview

Farsa Pronkjewail School is a community based school into Mombasa county. It provides basic education for children aged between three years till sixteen years, also for orphanage children and physically challenged children. The school is run by parents whose contribution support the school financially when it needs operations.

Our Vision

1.Improve well-being of physically children in Majaoni area.

2.Improving the care and needs of physically children.

3.Helping the volunteers to become active educators.

Background information

Physically disability is a major obstacle to child survival in the developing world. It’s a problem which exists in Mombasa especially in Majaoni area. Proper care facility are very minimal if not available in the region and the community does not have a proper understanding of exactly what to do with the problem.

Goals and objectives

The major objective for Farsa Pronkjewail School is:

1.To reduce the illiteracy in the Majaoni area

2.To reduce the degree challanged children in Majaoni and the whole Mombasa county as well

3.To teach mothers and assist them how to effectively apply health and nutrition information in helping the young physically children to be healthier.





For information contact us:

+254 727 350 498, Jamar (Ananas) Smid

Or: with emailadres: