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Village Tour from € 50,- pp (half day)


We pick you up from your hotel and drive to Shanzu or Mtwapa village where you can see the real African life, traditional, culture and mentality. In Mombasa provence lives the Mijikenda tribes.

Each of the Mijikenda groups has a sacred forest, a kaya, which is a place of prayer. Eleven of the approximately 30 kaya forests have been inscribed together as a UNESCO World Heritage, the Sacred Mijikenda Kaya Forest. Mijikenda people are also known for creating wooden kigango funerary statues for which there is an illegal international market.Shungwaya is the origin mythe of the Mijikenda who were Bantu migrants and speakers of Sabaki Bantu languages.

Each ethnic group has unique customs and dialect of the Mijikenda language, although the dialects are similar to each other and to Swahili.


We have a good time to see Giriama dance, a Snakes Park and visiting a Mijikenda restaurant where you can try to eat African food.

Also Mijikenda have their own home made alcohol, called Mnazi. This drink is common in various parts of Asia and Africa, and goes by various names, such as emu and oguro in Nigeria; nsamba in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; nsafufuo in Ghana kallu in South India; matango in Cameroon; tuak in North Sumatra, Indonesia; mnazi in the Mijikenda language of Kenya; goribon (Rungus) in Sabah, Borneo; and tuba in the Philippines, Borneo and Mexico. In the Philippines, tubâ refers both to the freshly harvested, sweetish cloudy-white sap and the one with the red lauan-tree tan bark colorant. In Leyte, the red tuba is aged with the tan bark for up to six months to two years, until it gets dark red and tapping its glass container gives a sound that does not suddenly stop. This type of tubâ is called bahal (for tuba aged this way for up to six months) and bahalina (for tuba aged thus for up to a year or more).


After this Village Tour we will bring you back to your hotel.


Programme Village Tour you can book as half-day tour or as full-day tour.



  • Transport (Bike, Tuk-tuk, Minivan, Catamaran on request)
  • Food


Not included:

  • Drinks


  • Children till 12 years get 50% adult rate