Mamba Village

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Famously known as the crocodile farm, is a centre of attraction being the largest crocodile farm in Africa. It is also a home to ‘Big Papa’ the biggest crocodile in the farm. It holds more than 10.000 crocodiles.

‘Big Papa’ is more than 100 years and was transferred from Tan River in 1986. It is a man eater crocodile and it has feasted on 5 human beings before its transfer.


We also have the spineless creature cold blooded animals which have been mistake for biting but they actually do it as a weapon and not for fun. We have an impressive plant accessions in a botanical garden as part of diversification and component integration which houses snake park and spider house. The garden has symbiosis and carnivorous plants.


The Mamba garden has some rare species of fish, sea horse and stone fish, one of the most poisonous fish in the sea.


Apart from the goodies of Mamba village and the feeding of crocodiles everyday at 5:00 pm. We also have the crocodile Restaurant especially for crocodile meat eaters. We also have other menus including a la carte for dinners.


You can take your drinks at the restaurant which overlooks the crocodile’s pond as you wait you’re ordered crocodile meat.


Including in the price:

  • Transport
  • Park fees


Not including:

  • Drinks


  • Children till 12 years get 50% adult rate